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Composition B / Comp B

Comp B explosives are made from TNT, RDX, and wax, such as 59.5 percent RDX, 39.5 percent TNT and 1 percent wax. Desensitizing agents are added. Composition B is used by the military in land mines, rockets and projectiles. Cast Composition B has a specific gravity of 1.65 and a detonation velocity of 'about 25,000 fps and is used as a primer and booster for blasting agents.

Composition B is a mixture of 59% RDX, 40% TNT, and 1% wax. The TNT reduces the sensitivity of the RDX to a safe degree and, because of its melting point, allows the material to be cast-loaded. The blast energy of Composition B is slightly higher than that of TNT. Composition B is nonhygroscopic and remains stable in stowage. It has an extremely high-shaped-charge efficiency. The velocity of detonation is approximately 24,000 fps, and its color ranges from yellow to brown. Composition B has been used as a more powerful replacement for TNT in loading some of the rifle grenades and some rocket heads. It can be used where an explosive with more power and brisance is of tactical advantage and there is no objection to a slight increase of sensitivity. While no longer used in newer gun projectiles, some older stocks may be found with Composition B main charges.

Factors for Equivalent Weight of
Composition B Explosive Equivalent Factor

Comp B 1.00
PBXN-109 1.19
Tritonal 1.09
AFX-777 1.47
AFX-757 1.39
PAX-28 1.62

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